Dyson Sphere Program

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  • There are three main things to watch for in this game: power (both on the planet and in your mecha), research, and logistics. The latter matter most in the mid to late game. As of August 2023, there is an upcoming update that would add combat to the mix.
  • The game does not punish you when you destroy anything you've built. Everything returns to your inventory as new.
  • First thing to do in a new game is to recycle your space capsule. You'll gain 10 Iron Ingots, 10 Copper Ingots, and 3 Hidrogen Rods. The latter is fuel to power your mecha and lasts a little while.
  • Scout for a little bit and find iron, copper and coal veins relatively close to each other.
  • Coal thermal plants are cheap and efficient power sources until you unlock better alternatives. Just plop some coal mines and feed them directly. You can chain up to three power plants using sorters, but you'll need two sorters connecting the first plant to the coal conveyor
  • Coal is also a good initial fuel for your mecha. Then research and use graphite.
  • Conveyors and sorters are the basis of logistics but can become cumbersome when scaling up your production. Research logistics bots and related improvements to help mitigate this problem.
  • After unlocking the research center, research should be offloaded to it. You should cluster together some research centers to produce research matrices of a specific color and then feed another cluster of research centers with the output. Each color takes two components as inputs. Automate the production of those inputs and your research will be auto-sufficient.
  • Red science requires refined oil. Find at least 3 crude oil sources with an output of at least 2.9/s close together, chain several refineries, stock up the hydrogen using liquid storage, and use the refined oil for red science.
  • Yellow science requires titanium ore. You can gather some in the starting planet by manually mining taller rocks, but eventually, you'll need to go to another planet rich in titanium veins. It's better to focus yellow research to unlock Interstellar Logistics Station (ILS) and set up a route to bring titanium automatically from another planet and avoid multiple trips.
  • When mining other planets, you can choose between bringing raw ore or ingots. Ingots are more efficient transport-wise but require more power on the planet being mined, which can be hard depending on the conditions
  • At this point, you might want to change the mecha's fuel from graphite to hydrogen rods.
  • Silicon ore is crucial for purple research, so set up an ILS route for it as well.
  • Deuterium is crucial for green research. If you are lucky, your local gas giant can provide it. If not, you have to set the particle collider to produce deuterium from hydrogen. Reserve some green matrices to produce space warpers to allow traveling to other stars.
  • To automate logistics between star systems, you need to upgrade your Logistict Engines to Lvl 4. This will allow your Logistic vessels to use space warpers.