Electrician Simulator

  • Save the "workbench" jobs for later on in your game. They all require special tools that can be difficult to afford if you try to start in on them immediately, but once you've got a few house-sized jobs under your belt money stops being an issue.
  • You'd be amazed what you can do with a ton of 4-outlet "extension cords".
  • Read the objectives carefully! You only have to do exactly as they say; if they want power to a box, that doesn't necessarily mean you have to connect anything in the box. Try toggling the breakers once you've hooked a wire from power to the electrical box inlet; you might be surprised how much work you can skip.
  • Wires have to sit on a surface....unless they can reach from the outlet of one box to the inlet of another within one section of wire. If that's the case, logic & physics no longer apply! They can float in mid-air, cut through open doorways or solid walls. There's no bonus points for neatness (and don't worry, if you end up going back to a job site it'll load in a "correctly done" wiring setup, so you don't have to try to re-engineer your brilliant shortcuts to accommodate whatever design changes need to happen)
  • The items on sale in the shop rotate every mission. If you see a deal on wire, extension cords, white light bulbs, electrical boxes, switches or outlets, try to stock up; once you learn how to use them you'll need to supply them for virtually every remaining travel mission.