Enter the Gungeon

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  • In true roguelikelike fashion, the game will get gradually easier the more items you unlock using Hegemony Credits, and the more people you unlock in the Breach.
  • Chests have a scale of quality - brown > blue > green > red > black iirc. Blues are more likely to hold passives.
  • In general brown chests aren't worth using keys on. If you're sure it's a passive it might be worth it, but you may kick yourself if you use a key and get some bottom tier gun like a T-shirt cannon.
  • You can shoot chests if you haven't got a key for it. This will, sometimes, give you junk to sell to someone.
  • Don't be afraid of using blanks. They refresh at the end of the level
  • Get really good at dodging the first few bosses. They're not super tough and drop a permanent heart If you win without taking damage.
  • It's generally wise to always keep a key on hand. Also try not to open chest before you check the entire level. You'll probably be pissed if you missed a rainbow chest because you got too greedy
  • Don't feel bad if it feels too hard at the start. Most of the decent items are behind unlocks.