Euro Truck Simulator 2

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  • If ever you find yourself passing cars, slow down. You've likely missed a speed limit decrease, and the fine for speeding is one of the biggest. (In the event it's not a speed limit change, slowing down still helps you avoid whatever slowed that car down)
  • Manual parking isn't really worth it. The reward is a static 45xp. If you want it for achievements or self-fulfillment, go for it!
  • Don't try to rush through a turn to get through a yellow light; by the time your rig gets moving and executes the turn you'll have been awarded a nice "ran red light" ticket for your troubles. Just wait the extra cycle, they aren't long.
  • Road rage is smiled upon. Mash H and J when a driver cuts you off, or takes too long going through an intersection so you don't have time to go through yourself before the light turns, or just in general.
  • AI drivers do recognize turn signals. They don't always care but by & large if they see you signal a turn or lane change they'll do their best to accomodate you.
  • The windshield wipers are default mapped to the P key, and the headlights are mapped to L. Rain & darkness don't come up in the first few drives, so the tutorial doesn't cover it.
  • Germany around Dortmand is the best starting place.
  • Start with 2 or 3 points in long distance. Then 1 point in high value & fragile cargo, 2 points in just-in-time delivery. After that max out long distance and start unlocking ADR.
  • Take out the 100k loan and buy a truck as soon as possible. Pay off the 100k and take out the 500k loan when it becomes available. Upgrade the garage & buy cheap Ivecos for drivers.
  • Volvo is the best starting truck, Iveco is the worst. The rest are fairly equal although the Scania & MAN eventually upgrade close to the Volvo.