Fable III

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  • The last quest you do before the point of no return is the quest to recover a priceless statue. The quest initially says something about a rich noble wanting to donate a large sum of money to the treasury. You can go and do the quest and everything but be aware that after you hand in the statue and finish the quest you will not be able to leave the castle again.
  • The gameplay and difficulty can best be described as "for babies", just do whatever you feel like and enjoy the humor.
  • Whatever playing style you choose (melee, guns, or magic), it's helpful to specialize in magic, just because it's the only thing that can reliably do damage quickly to groups of enemies. Lightning is an especially useful spell, because it stuns enemies as well as does damage.
  • If you use guns, note that when you use the over-the-shoulder aim, it causes a lot of aggravating slow-motion camera effects where it will zoom in unimpressively on the enemy being shot while enemies continue to attack you in slow motion from off-camera...my advice is to not use that aim view, because that effect is so annoying and there's no way to turn it off (that i've found).
  • When buying property, houses are more profitable than shops.