Fallen London

  • Progression is done through increasing your core attributes, progressing through the various stories, and gaining currencies (roughly in that order)
  • For the purpose of training your attributes, riskier tasks are generally better, but many activities impose a cost if you fail them
  • Bad things happen when any of your menaces reaches too high a level. That is level 8 for any of the primary menaces, varying for others. Having said that, having a higher level of menace often makes more efficient methods of reducing menace available, but at higher risk.
  • The early parts are generally good at suggesting where you go for your level, but once you start getting stuck, read the wiki. The game has been in active development since 2009, with all the layers of cruft that implies.
  • Early on, you shouldn't really be selling anything; most things you get will either be useful, or tradable for things that are useful, and the things that you could buy are quite expensive for the benefit they offer. By the time money becomes helpful, you will have access to better moneymaking activities. Having said that, there are some materials you will get far more than you will ever need while grinding your attributes, and they can be sold. Check the wiki if you are not sure.