Fallout 2

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  • You sometimes hit encounters that says something like "You come upon Group X fending off Group Y." That's great. Let them wipe each other out, finish off the survivors, profit. Obviously, this doesn't apply to massively unfair encounters like Super Mutants v. Farmers. In that case, run like hell.
  • Don't bother spending points on Unarmed - if you wait until the last city you can get it up to about 85%, then you can go back to the first city and another area to get it up to around 100 by the time you're done.
  • It's possible to permanently increase your stats in-game. In total, you can add 4 to strength, 1 to perception, 1 to charisma, 1 to intelligence, 2 to luck. Keep this in mind during character creation. Max is ten on everything.
  • Some accomplishments/perks have a stat requirements in one or more of your core attributes. If yours aren't high enough, use the appropriate drug(s) from your stash to boost them temporarily and try again.
  • Once you've played through all (or even a good portion) of the game, start a new game and create a character with an INT score of 3 or less. Play.
  • If you want a fun gimmick build, choose Jinxed with a Luck 10 Character (this works for both games). Your luck will override the negative effects of the Perk, but all your enemies will be constantly missing, breaking their own limbs or having guns explode in their faces.
  • It's perfectly possible to finish the last area without firing a single shot.
  • For some reason the AP Ammo doesn't work all that well, and becomes redundant if you're using aimed shots.
  • If you're short of cash, the merchants in San Fran are easy to rob and usually have 5000+ chips a pop. The merchant to the East also contains several items that you can usually only get through quests (Jet Antidotes, Motion Sensors, Super-Tool Kits)
  • Sulik is for some reason awesome with a .223 Pistol, while Cassidy is likewise incredibly good with the Gauss Rifle.
  • If you're sick of Marcus constantly chewing through ammo and blowing away teammates, he is still reasonably effective with a Plasma Rifle.
  • If you're thinking of using energy weapons at all, tag the skill, as you cannot increase your skill with it using other methods like you can with small guns or melee.
  • Strength really needn't be higher than 7, and that's if you want to be able to handle the heaviest weapons as early as possible.
  • Stealing or bartering is a good tag, from there it's Small or big guns. Small is great early on, but if you survive to the point where you can get at least a light support weapon (NCR occasionally has them), Big weapons will make you the Terminator. With a minigun or RPG... fuhgeddaboutit!
  • Conversely, if you've got time, don't forget that you can rest to regain health! Go to your Pip-Boy and click the bell next to the time, and click "rest till healed"!
  • Partners are also pack-mules. Trade with them until you're fully stocked, then head to market.