Far Cry 3

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  • In standard game you will have way way too much money; too much because by some astonishingly stupid design decision your wallet is limited in size. If you find yourself out of options as for where to spend your money, then you can buy all possible attachments for all possible guns.
  • The quest to hunt the critter you need for the largest loot backpack comes from the outpost north of Badtown, if I remember correctly.
  • Remember to save manually before quitting, in case you had been exploring and not done a mission for a while, which would have autosaved.
  • There's a skill on the skill tree called Jungle Run that improves your crouched moving speed. Prioritize the stealth skills and health buffs.
  • It's not explained very well in the game, but use the camera to tag and "wallhack" enemies. It has a longer range to do so than other weapons.
  • Buy the bow. Use the bow. Love the bow. The bow is probably the best early game weapon, it's silent and you can recover your ammo.
  • When you get rid of outposts enemy respawns more or less disappear in that area forever. You might see a jeep full of pirates if you're lucky, but they're a lot rarer.
  • There are only two things you can lock yourself out of. There's a relic (spider #1) in the cave under the doctor's house, and there's a skill you can unlock only if you take two outposts without being detected. Don't worry too much about the latter, since the skill unlocks a long ways into the story and by the end of the game taking out outposts without detection is child's play.