Far Cry 5

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  • Outside of 1-point perks, you should prioritize abilities that unlock new challenges, such as the takedown expert perk. The extra skin from animals, for extra-money, is also best gotten early. The extra follower perk is also really useful and fun. Don't dismiss the Black Market perk, there's a lot of cool shit in there. I would also personally choose between the torch and the lockpick perks, because there's a bit of overlap, and what you really want them for is opening safes.
  • I personally found the wingsuit to not be as useful as in Far Cry 4, so don't necessarily rush for that perk.
  • There's no reason to not put a silencer on everything.
  • Don't forget to craft and use homeopathics, which help immensely, especially when hunting.
  • Fishing is cool.
  • After getting a new resistance level, you'll get a message that says "You're being hunted" or "You've been blessed", which means that you're being followed by a cutscene. There's nothing you can do to avoid it, so don't start anything too fancy until you're through.
  • Guns are pretty realistic. A .50 bullet will go right through one guy and nail the guy behind him. You can shoot right through cars except the engine block.
  • When you buy a gun or vehicle in a store, you are 'unlocking' it. From then on you can get another free at any store any number of times.
  • Save your pennies until you can buy a heli with rockets. From there on taking over cult properties is a breeze, just fly in and light the place up. You can get a free heli by helping the chick at the marina, although it doesn't have rockets.
  • Homeopathics are awesome, use them whenever a tough fight is coming up. Booze and 'oregano' do nothing.
  • Look for prepper stashes, marked by a green diamond. They give you lots of cash and perk points.
  • Talking to civilians reveals map points. Often you will be driving along and see two Peggie Fucks harassing a guy by the side of the road. Just run them over and talk to the civvie.
  • Hired Guns are ok but specialists are better. Hurk is awesome.
  • If a hostage scenario requires you not to be seen, you can send in animal companions as shock troops. The Peggie Fucks will not react by killing the hostages.
  • Despite the warning that appears, there is no penalty for killing civilians. Actually there's no penalty for pretty much anything.
  • When you get to a certain level of resistance, you will be captured. There is absolutely nothing you can do to prevent this, just crack a beer and go with it.
  • The difficulty is all over the place. Once you get the hang of it you should probably crank the difficulty setting to hard for the main game, but reduce it to easy during the Bullshit Forced Captures.