Far Cry 6

  • When you upgrade parts of your gun, that upgrade is permanently interchangeable with all other guns of that class -- i.e. if you buy armor piercing rounds for one pistol, you can then use armor piercing rounds on any other pistol you own. So go ahead and get the best silencer for that sniper rifle you find an hour into the game, you can just put it onto the next, better, sniper rifle you find.
  • You can't upgrade unique weapons, or swap their parts out to your other guns.
  • If you're sneaking up on a guard to machete them and they turn around and see you, it's still worth it to panic-smash the machete button, since the guard'll be 'surprised' by you and you can still take him down in the half second or so before he screams and starts shooting.
  • Anti-aircraft sites are meant to discourage you from going nuts and just flying all over the island the second you get your hands on a helicopter. Too bad you can just fly low enough to avoid being pinged by their radar and just blow it to smithereens. There are two anti-aircraft sites in Esperanza (the city) which cannot be destroyed or even seen, and exist to stop you going on top of buildings.
  • There's a toggle in Accessibility Options that puts a little glow around any items you can collect. This is a godsend for all the crafting materials you'll need to hoover up over the course of the game. (There's also an option to disable scope sway, but it makes playing a sniper fairly overpowered)
  • There's no set bonus for wearing an entire set of clothing. Go ahead and mix and match with what you like.
  • When you get Guerrilla Camps, the best facilities to build first are Hideout Network and Bandidos Barracks. Hideout Networks reveal little hideouts all over the map that you can fast travel to (dramatically cutting down travel time), and Bandidos Barracks increase the amount of Bandidos you get when performing certain actions to use in the Los Bandidos Operations minigame, as well as your odds of success at completing Bandido operations.
  • Bandido operations are a super, super easy way to get money and crafting supplies, especially crucial ones for weapon upgrades like gunpowder, industrial circuits, and industrial composite. All you have to do is select a mission, choose a leader (preferably one with a trait that'll help on the mission), and then check in a few real-time hours later to do a few CYOA prompts to try and get a few bonus goodies and see if you succeeded or failed at the mission.