Final Fantasy III

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  • There are a number of dungeons in which all your characters will have to be mage classes, so make sure everyone knows a bit of magic.
  • The game often forces classes on you. You will need to be mages at times (as above), dragoons for at least one boss, and magic knights for a number of mid to end-game dungeons.
  • There will come a point in which you need to fly your airship over a large city in order to advance the plot.
  • Your characters get better at their jobs as their job level goes up. Increased job level also reduces the point cost of transitioning into and out of that job.
  • By and large your job-changing points aren't a problem unless you are at the endgame and changing everyone's job at once.
  • The final dungeon is cruel. It is very long and there are no save points. Take it slowly—get some treasure, leave and save. Accomplish an objective, leave and save. Grind a few levels, leave and save. And do the side quest; the rewards are basically necessary to beat the last boss.
  • The point of no return is when you examine a mirror in a room with many statues and no music. But you will have to do another couple of dungeon levels before the last boss.
  • Not long after obtaining the Scholar job there is a dungeon where they really want you to use a Scholar for the boss (since it keeps changing it's elemental weakness). However, don't make the mistake of turning your Black Mage into a Scholar. Have either both of them represented or just the Black Mage.