Final Fantasy IV

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(The following is for the DS version. I don't know if it applies fully to the original game.)

  • The New Game+ in this game isn't the traditional New Game+. Your levels and experience and money don't carry over. Your Augments do. You only get three passes through the game.
  • Yes it does matter whom you give your Augments to. You can't get all the Augments until your third playthrough, and even then you have to be strategic about who gets each Augment. It's a good idea to use a guide for this.
  • As with the original, you don't get to choose your party lineup in the endgame. However, you do in the GBA version. The GBA version also has extra dungeons. The DS version, however, is more challenging, has graphics that are easier to look at over a long period of time, has maps and auto-battling, and has more varied strategic gameplay. Both versions, in that sense, are double-edged swords.
  • Unlike numerous other RPGs (including earlier versions of this one), spamming one attack over and over won't win the game. Make sure you understand your characters and their capabilities before you go up against a boss.
  • Slow works on everything, and it's multi-target. Use it on everything you can! It will save quite a bit of hassle.
  • Shell + Protect on entire party is a good idea for any boss battle.
  • If an enemy has a really powerful multi-target magic attack, try berserking it, and casting blink on your party. The enemy will only be able to physically attack, and Blink will make them miss.
  • Cecil's Cover ability can come in handy often. Covering a magic user is usually a good idea.
  • "Cry" is a fantastic augment to use, It cuts defense of all enemies.
  • Give 2 augments to Palom, and 1 augment to Porom. It doesn't matter which ones, though there are some weaker ones at the start that probably work best. You NEED to do this to get Dualcast, arguably the most useful single augment in the game if you give it to Rosa, and one that is almost god damn required for some of the later battles.
  • Conversely, you may as well suck it up and use an augment FAQ to make sure you get everything.