Final Fantasy XIII

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  • Until you arrive at the frozen lake Bresha, you're not earning any EXP, so there's no need to get into more fights than you have to.
  • When leveling items dump a ton of low xp organic items on it first to boost its multiplier then put on the high-point mechanical stuff until the multiplier lowers too far. Rinse-repeat.
  • Don't sell items to the shop because even though most items can be rebought a random set can not. Check a guide if you'd actually like cash on hand.
  • Potions aren't worthless, surprisngly.
  • Change classes constantly and often.
  • Rav-Rav-Com is a great default pre-stagger set up, after that com-com-com if possible. Note, this won't be a real option until about 20-30 hours into the game so ha.
  • Eidolons are all puzzle battles. Use libra on them twice to deduce whatever the game wants you to do.
  • There's a depth to the combat system that isn't explained in any shape or fashion. Basically, after you execute any full ATB bar you can swap to another party layout and the ATB gauge will instantly refill.
  • Ravagers are good for filling the stagger/chain gauge, but when they do it depletes quickly. Commandos are good at keeping that chain gauge from depleting. What this means is that for the best stagger results you need a combination of Rav and Com, the former to fill the stagger gauge and the latter to stop it from depleting while the former prepares to attack again.
  • Combat will eventually turn into "Let ATB fill -> Auto Battle -> Wait for lead character's attacks to finish -> Change party forms -> Consume full gauge -> Let ATB fill -> Auto Battle ->" and so on.