Fire Emblem: Thracia 776

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  • At the end of chapter 3, give any swords, scrolls and anything you might want to Leaf and Lifis. For a while, the rest of the party except them leaves.

-Your life is based on the Pursuit Critical Coefficient. Basically, if you're fast enough to double an enemy, the second attack's critical chance is actually the displayed critical chance, multiplied by a number between 0 and 5 unique to each character. Serenes Forest has what everyone's PCC is, and it's very important, because a character with a PCC of 5 will almost always crit.

  • The game will never give you money. The only way to earn money is either through the arena, or selling stuff you have. This means the best way to keep your forces armed is to capture enemies and take their gear. When capturing, and holding a captured enemy, most of your important stats are halved. Learn to swap and drop - if one character captures an enemy, a second can take the captured enemies inventory, take the captured enemy from the first character, and then drop them, meaning nobody is stuck holding onto an enemy. The way capturing works is that you can select it instead of attack if your build is higher than your enemies, and you'll then attack with halved stats. If you get the kill, the enemy is captured instead.
  • Whenever you go indoors, your mounted units need to dismount. This lowers their stats (actually mounting increases stats, so a really strong unit can have max stats either way) and forced them to only use swords. Dragon Knights basically become useless dismounted.
  • Staves are your friend. If your magic is greater than your enemies you can use a staff on them, which lets you do all sorts of crazy shit with Sleep, Silence and Berserk. Especially since if you use M UP or a Holy Water you can get a +7 boost to magic which goes above caps. Also Rewarp is amazing on a good staff user.
  • Scrolls boosts growths by a net 30%, and nullify criticals. Try to make it so anyone who levels up is holding as many scrolls as possible.
  • When Asvel hits level 10, promote him. Sage promotion gains are insane, and he becomes a super helpful crutch for the early game.
  • In Chapter 15, have Mareeta talk to Shanam. She'll learn Astra, and become even more of a death god.
  • In Chapter 12x, if you talk to Pahn with Lara, she changes class to dancer, but keeps her thief abilities.
  • In Chapter 14, there's a village right next to the boss that's almost impossible to reach, since it's a defend map. If you warp Dean there, have him visit it and rescue him, you get the Dragon Lance, a really good unique weapon for Dean which attacks twice per attack and lets him always attack first.
  • As long as we're talking about thieves, they can be really good. As long as they're faster than an enemy, and have more build than an item's weight, they can steal it. Even weapons.
  • Tina has a special staff called the thief staff that lets you steal anything from anyone as long as her magic is greater than their's. It's a beautiful thing.
  • Here are some opinions on good units: Anyone who can use a staff, Othin, Havan, Carion, Asvel, Fergus, Shiva, Makua, Finn, Karin, Homer.
  • There's a skill called Ambush which lets you always attack first, and a skill called Wrath that makes it so you'll always crit on a counter attack. These do not stack. If a unit has both, Wrath only applies to the second attack if they double. Don't give a unit both thinking it'll make them gamebreaking, it makes them worse.