Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

  • Resetting your level back to 1 seems a very "why would I do that?" option, but it does play into stat growth as far as I can tell. More advanced classes have better growth than the base ones, so you can gain more in the long run by resetting after trading up (provided you can be bothered to re-level or have the gold to pay for the levels). It also can give you an edge if you want to respec someone from physical to magical classes or vice versa by letting them gain more useful stats.
  • Replaying the very first mission after the prologue is a good testing ground for trying different characters. It is pretty quick and easy and allows you to get a feel for their style and gain a few upgrades as well.
  • Spend your activity and training points in camp as soon as you can. There is no point holding on to them and they will be wasted if you advance to the next chapter without using them.