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  • Some folks are particularly weak against some other folks. Some of these relations are depicted in the picture book. Otherwise, use a Folklore wiki if you get stuck. This effect is most obvious in the underwater world. In the rest of the game you can typically kill by brute force as well.
  • To upgrade your folks, if the game says kill x folk A with folk B, don't take the id away but keep on pounding folk A until it really dies.
  • You don't need to upgrade/grind every folk. Folks which attack in groups (2 or 3) are always very good to grind towards. Grind also the folks which are needed for the boss fights.
  • You can target/lock-on specific folks. I forgot myself about this one and the game became brutal.
  • You need to play both as Keith and Ellen to finish the story of the game.
  • The levels with Keith are shorter and he has less folks to control.
  • Choose a character and stick with him/her until the story demands you choose the other.
  • The story and the cut scenes get better in the late game.