Front Mission Evolved

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  • There are a bunch of item pickups in the stage, some of which are Emblems and Sensors. Finding them (Emblems) and destroying them (Sensors) will give you new decals to use when customizing your Wanzer and cash for every 5 you destroy respectively. Sometimes this get's you a battle skill. On foot sections have little disks that you can also blow up for cash. If your OCD about 100% collection, then follow this guide.
  • In the first boss fight you'll have to just dodge around and blast away at the boss as much as possible to fill your E.D.G.E meter, this games equivalent of bullet time. In this mode you move quicker and do much more damage than usual. The moment the E.D.G.E bar gets to 25% use it and a cutscene will activate. After this point the boss can be hurt. Don't forget to abuse your missile launcher.
  • Boss fights will always have respawning ammo and health pickups.
  • You can go back and do missions again for cash and achievements. Anything sensor or emblem you destroyed/picked up will be remembered so you don't have to go back and get them all over again.
  • Battle skills are acquired via achievements. None of them are necessary though.
  • If you don't have the Agility Backpack equipped, you can only boost forward.
  • Plenty of missions will have a requirement for body parts and weapons on your Wanzer. Most of them are simply leg restrictions and long ranged weaponry.
  • Shields work by using the arm it's equipped arm and protects you from most damage, and your shoulder weapons can still be used while they're protecting you. holding the button let's you do a shield bash. It might be me, but I don't recall the game ever telling me this.
  • The difference between upgrading and downgrading a weapon is the number next to the weapon. If it doesn't have "-" next to it's value, it means your downgrading. Downgrading will net you cash though. I spent the first four missions downgrading my Wanzer each time before I realized what was going on.
  • During on foot sections, your health will regenerate over time and your guns don't overheat. If you use the machine-gun, you'll never run out of ammo thanks to copious amounts of enemies having them. Melee attacks and grenades are 1 hit kills on all infantry, and grenades will do a decent amount of damage on everything else.
  • Don't worry about using E.D.G.E. It builds up quickly enough and sometimes it can make a difference between death and getting past a particularly annoying section.
  • Don't bother trying to destroy a boss's arms or legs. I've personally never managed to destroy one and all it does is lower their accuracy and their movement speed.
  • If you die during any time in the mission, you'll be given an option to go back to the Hanger and rebuild your Wanzer. Instead of making you restart the mission entirely, it just sends you back to the latest checkpoint with your new Wanzer.