• When you begin the dodge will feel a bit iffy, thats because it's actually a charge that fires when you release the dodge button, and the longer you charge the further you dodge.
  • Successful parries restore health. If you've got a bosses melee attacks down you can parry your way back from critical health.
  • You will go back to max health and recover a block of life each time you take down a boss' life bar. If you're still on a bosses first life bar and lose two blocks in a row it may be worth restarting the fight over.
  • Parrying isn't just a melee technique, you can parry some projectiles too.
  • Charged projectile attacks can knock bosses out of some of their attacks if you manage to connect.
  • Bosses will sometimes switch to a melee form where you're forced to fight in close quarters inside a circle, where your regular projectiles are disabled. Instead, you're given a charge attack that greatly powers up your next melee hit. Make sure you charge up while waiting for an opening.
  • There is a button that will auto-walk you to the next encounter after each boss fight.
  • Boss difficulty varies wildly, so don't be put off if you're struggling early.
  • Vague end-game spoilers:
    Walk to the beach, then walk to the tower.