Galak-Z: The Dimensional

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  • Do NOT be afraid to get enemy factions to fight each other. Especially if there's a really tough enemy or grouping that you're not sure you can beat solo. The infighting system is there for a reason. Use it.
  • The upgrade you get in Chapter 2 will turn exploding crates from a horrifying liability into your greatest friend. You should understand why pretty quickly.
  • That upgrade will also allow you to deflect laser bolts, but it's a little unreliable unless your shield is charging or you have fantastic timing. Deflecting large bolts is a high-risk, high-reward strategy.
  • Be a jackass. Charging in like an anime hero will get you killed. Repeatedly. Don't pick fights you can't win without evening the odds first. Abuse hazards, traps, flame jets, exploding crates, whatever you got. Basically, think less Luke Skywalker and more Han Solo/Malcolm Reynolds.
  • Don't let yourself get cornered or surrounded. Fastest way to die is to run out of room to maneuver.