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  • Trader Nekomata have quite a few features that are never described. They are fast travel points, and their map icons will show a checkmark if you have an item they want. Also, talking to them opens up the trading menu, but each one also has their own shop through which they sell music, photo poses, clothes, and either KK Notes or Magatama for a premium.
  • At a Relic Nekomata you can select a particular relic you want to try and find and hold a button to make active a circle of the general area it is located on the map.
  • You don't take fall damage.
  • If you pet a dog they will follow you around for a while and bark if there are Visitors nearby. Feeding a dog will have them track down and dig up some nearby money, and is always a huge return on investment in dog food. If there is a collectable within a certain range of the dog it will lead you to it and bark at it if you've fed it.
  • Most cats will give hints about nearby tanuki when you read their thoughts.
  • Visitors that are preoccupied with sealing a soul cube/attacking a yokai you need to defend are vulnerable to backstabs.
  • Don't sleep on talismans. The stun talisman allows you to get free backstabs in a wide area, and the exposure talisman both lowers the threshold for exposing a core as well as dealing hefty damage on its own. Throwing down a couple of those is an excellent panic button and will instantly turn a fight in your favor.
  • Food is separated into normal and nether varieties rated from one to three stars. Nether food will give you some kind of bonus but heals a little less, and the number of stars determines how much the food heals. Your quick consumable is shown under your health bar and you can tap to cycle it to a different one. Make sure you have three-star food at the ready if you're anticipating a big fight.
  • Once you unlock the ability to summon tengu, you activate it by zoom-aiming at the edge of a rooftop. You may have to wiggle around a little - there's a very specific range at which it works, and it won't work at all on angled rooftops.
  • Perfect blocking is way more useful than it seems. The game only tells you it fully negates damage and you can upgrade it to generate ether, but it also greatly boosts the damage of your next attack and can reflect thrown projectiles back to the source.
  • If you're fighting multiple weak enemies (flying sheets, umbrella guys, students eventually) you can expose multiple cores then steal them all at once. Setting up a chain like this is much safer than going for the core immediately every time.
  • The bow deals extra damage when you aren't detected.
  • Don't sweat timed cubes. They will respawn eventually.
  • In instances where you are separated from KK, you can still do sneak attacks. This is usually not a great idea since those sections are set up for you to just sneak away and get the hell out of dodge, but there is one specific instance where this is incredibly valuable knowledge and most players I've seen don't seem to realize it. Specific spoiler: You can sneak attack the giant cat woman boss.
  • There are only six hand symbols in the game, and you can usually tell after the third stroke which one it's going to be. You can interrupt the pattern at any time to go ahead and get it over with. You can also just instantly mess it up and then have KK do it, there's no penalty for doing so other than him getting a bit snappy with you.
  • Get caught by the parade at least once.
  • You can headshot visitors with the bow and arrows. It does way more damage even while in combat and is pretty legit for taking out specific visitor types.
  • There is a set total amount of max HP from eating food so don't sweat it or try to grind it out, you'll hit it eventually.
  • With the summon tengu unlocked you can also grapple mid-glide as long as you keep aim held down and look towards roof edges till you see a tengu appear.
  • Even if you don't want to 100% everything, definitely find all the Tanuki. The reward is worth it.
  • There's a tab in the menu screen that lists all relics you need to find, you can mark them active from there so you don't need to visit the nekomata directly. there's no limit to how many you can add to the map at once.
  • In the Map Filters option, there's an option to hide completed items at the very bottom of the list. You'll want to turn this on ASAP
  • There's a point of no return at the end of the game, but it only locks you out of a single sidequest chain, AND tells you exactly what one before you do it, so don't worry about main story missions locking you out of sidequests