• The game isn’t lying when it calls Spellweaver and Mindthief hard. They're very powerful, Weaver especially, but extremely unforgiving.
  • The best way to unlock other classes is retiring characters, so consider picking a personal goal you can reach easily.
  • Decide early if you’re noble heroes or greedy assholes and go all in on it. Like a lot of games with a morality system, all the good rewards are at the extreme ends and you miss out on a lot of benefits by trying to sit the line.
  • Save getting temple blessings until after 10 gold stops having much meaning. You need that money for gear at first.
  • You can change difficulty at any time, so don’t be ashamed to dumpster a mission’s difficulty if it’s hard for your group or poorly designed, then turn it back up later. The game balances this by giving you more gold and XP at higher difficulties.