God of War Ragnarok

From Before I Play
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  • One of the valuable things you can find if you look around is pots that hang from the ceiling and that usually contain money. These can look different depending on which realm you're in.
  • Lots of objects are breakable, but only the tall thin clay pots contain money. I've never seen any other breakable object drop anything.
  • Nothing is missable; you can always go back to an area.
  • Enemy levels are important, too. You'll get your face beat in if you try and take something on that's out of your league.
  • Take your time and explore. There's a ton of hidden collectible stuff and the map has a tally of what you've found and what you haven't, including a percent marker, so you'll know if you've gotten 100% of the stuff.
  • The weapon skills have requirements to upgrade them, and it's very clear on what you have to do, and in my experience, it was not only worth it upgrading the skills, but it was fun, too.