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  • The only fully missable title in the game is Legendary Defender of Ascalon, which you get for reaching max level 20 before moving onto the main game with a Prophecies character. The cutoff point is a quest from Sir Tydus after acquiring your secondary profession that takes you out of the tutorial area. The game will ask for confirmation that you are ready.
  • When you first unlock a skill it is permanently unlocked for the account. It can then be used for any PVP only character, PVE Hero companion, or trained for additional PVE characters by any skill trainer NPC (non-elite skills) or using skill tome items. When first starting a new account, make one PVP character of each profession you have available to unlock an elite and several base skills for each profession. Similarly, quests which let you test out a bunch of skills of other professions are available early in each campaign. Making a character specifically to reach that point in campaigns you don't plan to otherwise play fully yet can make sense to unlock the options for your current main character.