Guild Wars 2

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  • Crafting will net you levels very fast. You can only pick two professions at once but you can switch them out for a fee ingame.
  • The two "easiest" professions are Cooking and Jewelcrafting.
  • World vs World pvp wont get you much xp, you can start it at level 1 but it's for the best if you jump in at around level 10 or 30 (depends on how spergy the person you ask).
  • Normal pvp found in the Mists can net you some 5 to 8 slot bags really early on if you're strapped for cash.
  • Save your chest keys for world events. They like toss most of the good stuff in them and you can screw yourself over at the chance of getting event specific gear.
  • Abuse the Trading Post/Auction House for gold. Place custom buy orders and try not to purchase things at price if you can help it.
  • Buy gems from the Trading Post Gem Exchange during the week when they are at their lowest. You can make a profit reselling gems during events (alternatively do not buy gems during an event).
  • You can teleport freely with the waypoint system. The price of which scales as you level.
  • Underwater combat uses its own weapon AND skill bar. Don't forget to set the skill bar.