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  • This game is really short.
  • Every action has a Wait time. This is the amount of time before you can use that unit again without a penalty. The penalty is a hit to your max HP equal to your wait time's % - i.e. if you have 10 wait on a unit and want to use it anyway, their max HP will be lowered by 10% for the rest of the battle.
  • The more equipment you are wearing, the higher your Wait time will be.
  • Wait is independent of Delay, which is the time after each action until you get another turn. Low Delay is a good thing.
  • Sometimes you will want to use units anyway, especially a Witch once you get a type-3 broom attack. Do so. The max hp penalty is temporary and on long range units it won't even matter.
  • Taking bases increases your max TP by 2, and extends the range of Boosts and Beats (in which allies buff you or join in on attacks) by 1 each. War Gods cost at least 11 to use, so taking a base or two early is always a good idea.
  • TP is filled by moving with units. Each unit has a TAC score - this is how many TP they can fill up on their turn, at one per space moved. If someone only has 1 TAC, moving more than 1 space will not grant more TP.
  • Beats can only occur on single-space attacks without knockback.
  • The game rerolls targets for the War Gods every tick of time, I think. With a little patience, you can have them only hit enemies, which can make battles very easy.
  • After an early mission you will be given some Four-Leaf clovers. Don't bother holding onto them, they don't do anything.
  • Your ranking on a mission is determined by completing it within a certain amount of time and without casualties. Higher ranks will mean more treasure chests will spawn on the next stage (which are obnoxiously durable and have loot ranging from useless to amazing) and the difficulty of the game will increase slightly. If you are playing on Basic it will never get too crazy (it caps), but if you play on Advance it can keep increasing the challenge. It'll never get impossible but some enemies can get tough.
  • Don't use a Priestess or Sorceress, you have Paulo.
  • Don't use an Archer, you have Elise.
  • Giulio can go with the Gungnir or Sword/Shield. I like having the Gungnir on him, but both work pretty well.
  • Use a Thrower, get a spear with a type-3 attack (I think the Pilum has it, though you'll have to attack with it a few times to unlock it) as early as you can. The type-3 attack knocks the target back a space.
  • Knockback is stupid good. It's easy to knock people off cliffs or out of the map entirely. Note that the enemies are more than happy to do this to you too!
  • You can drown. (Thanks, Sting.)
  • Once you get a broom with a type-3 attack, get a Witch, she will be your MVP for the rest of the game with ease. You can get one from an old friend, and I'd reload if it doesn't drop.
  • There are only a few drops that are really worth reloading for. That broom and the Chrono come to mind, maybe the Oni Lance (but that battle is long and kind of tough).