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  • The DLC occurs within the normal campaign, so if you're interested in it you may want to go ahead and get it now.
  • There is no trace net node hopping like Uplink. Delete your logs before you disconnect from a machine and don't be connected when an active trace hits 0 and you'll be good.
  • Learn the text commands and how to navigate without using the GUI. It's faster and will spare you some later grief.
  • The node map gets a little congested later on, it may be a good idea to keep important IPs written down on pen and paper.
  • The notepad function in the game takes up valuable ingame ram and can be duplicated with pen and paper or an instance of notepad open on another monitor.
  • There is a secret ending, but you probably won't get it on your first run. If you decide to play a second time, remember to
    keep your shell traps up
    and that
    your own machine has logs, too