Hand of Fate

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  • Always visit stores that might sell any items you haven't identified yet, you don't need to buy them in order to learn what they do. Stores can also change their inventory if you re-visit them.
  • Always keep as much food with you as possible, you never know when a Pain card will destroy a bunch of it and leave you to starve. A lot of beneficial events also require you to give food, sometimes quite a bit of it especially later on.
  • You'll keep any tokens you won even if you die or forfeit a game, so it might be worth it to go for a token even if it'll cause problems in your current playthrough. For example Cursed Treasure will give you 3-5 curses if you open it, but is also the only way to get its token and thus its permanent unlock.
  • It's impossible to stack your deck with purely beneficial cards like The Maiden and Soul Gem as there's very few of them, so keep an eye on the rewards you get from other cards as well. Maze of Traps for example is a great card since there's no luck involved in beating it and the traps are fairly easy to avoid, while Dead King's Hall requires you to fight but usually pays off better than most other combat encounters. Stuff like that.
  • As you progress through the game, previously good cards can also start becoming worse so don't hesitate to change things around. Treasure Chest for example eventually becomes really dangerous as it more often than not turns out to be a Mimic even if you manage to reach and open it.
  • In combat it's usually better to keep combos short as you'll lose the whole combo if you keep swinging at an enemy that just died, and most bosses will go for a counterattack after they take a set number of hits in a row. That can also be exploited to your advantage since it makes it easier to predict their actions.
  • The DLC encounter chain (Starts with "Land Locked Lubber") culminates in an extremely tough boss fight that you can't remove from your deck until you beat it. It nets some pretty great rewards once beaten, including two purely beneficial cards and very powerful equipment, but it's brutal if you happen to stumble on it early in a dungeon and with bad luck it could even be the first card you step on. The encounter that unlocks it is called Sea Journey, which is also a tough encounter to clear since it requires a bunch of Success cards in a row.
  • There's no limit to the amount of rings you can wear, so powerful rings are a good way to fill your equipment slots. There's one curse that punishes you for it, but it's pretty rare. They also attract bandits which might ambush you when you enter a store, but that's usually no big deal.
  • Speaking of curses, there are some really nasty ones later on, for example Cowardice (incapable of choosing combat options in encounters) is pretty much a game ruiner. Having money saved so that you can remove them is a good idea, and Soul Gem should have a permanent place in your deck once you unlock it as it allows you to remove a random curse in exchange for 5 food.