Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns

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  • You can switch between the animal farm and the crop farm once per season (I think, it's been awhile), so don't stress out too much over your choice at the beginning of the game.
  • Some villagers have special birthday requests that crop up once per year. Check GameFAQs and be prepared, unless you have an excellent memory.
  • You can dig elongated furrows to make watering crops a breeze, but you need multiple fertilizer stakes to improve the quality of every crop in the furrow, and they'll drain fast.
  • You can bounce on big mushrooms.
  • Don't worry that there seem to be "hidden" areas in the forest. They open up as you keep playing via cutscene magic.
  • It's way easier to have a mix of animals and crops at the farm that is designated for crops. The animal farm barely has any space for growing stuff.
  • There are containers that can keep items fresh indefinitely. They take awhile to get and require materials that take a long time to acquire, so plan your calendar around meeting these requirements as soon as you can.