Heaven's Vault

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  • You can only explore sites once, so look around as best as you can. Check every corner, nook and cranny for items and inscriptions.
  • Six hates exploring and will nag you to leave sites and locations as soon as possible. Don’t do it until you’re sure you’ve seen most of everything.
  • You can check the map while on the river to pick the best routes to keep you within a search area.
  • Keep an eye out for ruins when navigating the rivers. They are a VERY important source of artifacts for trade and for inscriptions. If you want to uncover the secrets of the language, you'll need all the inscriptions you can get.
  • The game prompts you to take turns to your set destination on the river, but nothing stops you from ignoring them to wander off and explore, although the flow of the rivers might make for a long trip back.
  • Trading artifacts to Tapi and donating what he gives you to Huang should keep them both happy and willing to provide you with more stuff to look at.
  • The more inscriptions you find, the more quickly you will be able to lock down certain words as correct and add them to your vocabulary.
  • Huang can help you confirm or deny some of your guesses for translations.
  • As you learn more words, occasionally review your older partial translations. If a word has since been confirmed, the context can eliminate one possibility for other words in the same fragment.
  • The more artifacts you find and trade for, the more it narrows down search areas for uncharted ruins. It's better than just blindly wandering around in a search area half the size of the known nebula.