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General Notes

  • To find tips, use the Search Box in the top right. If you'd like to browse for games instead, visit the Game List.
  • Most of the tips on this wiki are from a Something Awful thread. If you can't find a game here, you can search through the thread at Something Awful by entering the following in Google: intitle:"What Should I Know" "Game Name Here"

Adding New Tips

  • If you want the contributor account information so you can edit pages, email a at hbdy dot uk. Please include your Something Awful username in the email - to avoid vandalism, requests from strangers will be denied.
  • To add tips to an existing page, find it in the Game List or use the search box, then click "Edit", top right.
  • If you want to create a new game page, the easiest way is to paste the full title of the game into the search box. You'll see a link to create the page above the search results.
  • Add [[Category:Games]] to the end of game pages so they show up on the Game List.
  • If a game title starts with "The", use the following category tag to make sure it appears in the correct place in the games list: For "The Legend of Zelda", [[Category:Games|Legend of Zelda]]
  • You can hide spoilers by using the "spoiler" CSS class. <div class="spoiler">This is a spoiler.</div> gives you:
    This is a spoiler.
  • If you add a new page for a game where the name contains a Roman numeral, also add the page containing the equivalent number. Don't add the Category tag to the end of this second page. Put only the following as the page's contents, to set up a redirect to the page with the Roman numeral: #REDIRECT [[Page Name]]