Hitman: Blood Money

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  • Your melee skills are insanely useful. You can disarm and knock unconscious any enemy by getting right up to them with empty hands and just clicking like a nutcase. Plus the headbutt looks awesome.
  • You can throw any knife you can pick up. I think the button for throw is T or G or something - check the options menu - and doing this will instantly kill any enemy, and will do so silently. Uh... if you hit them, anyway. The knife has a bit of an arc to it.
  • Shoving anyone over anything will kill them. It doesn't matter if the fall is a foot or a mile, if they complete a full turn over the railing/low wall/whatever a script will kill them instantly before they even hit the ground.
  • You should pretty much always be wearing a disguise. Especially outfits with low-cut tops, even if only to admire 47's incredible physique
  • There are no missions in the game that require a gun, but almost all of them are a lot more fun with your .45. Combining magnum ammunition with a high-quality suppressor on any weapon will give you a quiet weapon that shoots easily through doors and sends corpses flying. Incidentally, your shotgun is completely pointless. Never waste money on it.
  • If you've played the earlier Hitman games, this one is much more open-ended, so never be afraid to take your time and explore the area. There are only two missions that I remember where there's an absolute time limit for an event; for the others, events are on cycles. If you miss something that you thought gave you an opportunity, wait around for a while and see if it repeats.
  • Hide corpses. You will never feel stupider than when you're six feet from a level exit and some adventuresome douchebag stumbles across the unconscious waiter you left in a bathroom surrounded by piles of clothes and six discarded revolvers.
  • Experimentation often pays off. It might take a while for you to explore the level and get a feel for what happens when, what disguises are the best etc.
  • There's always multiple methods to kill a person, some of which are pretty obvious (shooting them), others that are painted as accidental deaths.
  • It's really, really hard to fuck yourself over as you can replay levels until you get them perfect and the only real thing that effects you detrimentally is notoriety, which is easily removed.
  • Stealth? Fuck it, Go in guns blazing if you want. It screws your rank, but thankfully you can just go balls out if you want and trash a place.
  • If no one can see your face, they won't expect you to strangle them easily. They know who you are if they see behind them.

Turn around and duck if someone is approaching you.

-Upgrade your silverballers. Seriously. Make them your number one priority.

-The Syringes are your friends. You can sprint at people from behind and put them down swiftly a well as silently. Perfect for taking down guards when you're in a restricted area, or when you're just too god damned impatient to sneak up with fiber wire.

-Your RU-AP mines are incredibly versatile. Use them.

-If you're the patient type, you can learn a lot just by chilling out in the map menu. Guard routes become apparent rather quickly, and that can often mean the difference between Terrorist and Silent Assassin.

-Get used to fucking up. It will happen. Gun everyone down and flee in a clown suit if that's what it takes to get the job done. Eventually you'll learn the ins and outs of the level, and then you can worry about that precious Silent Assassin rating.

  • You can sometimes walk into restricted areas and get shot at but they might leave you alone if you get out of there quickly and without being violent.
  • Wait for someone to lean over railings and push them off.
  • Sneak up behind people with your gun drawn and hold them, then knock them out and drag them away from open places. They will only get up if someone touches them if you didn't shoot the body.
  • Use weapons appropriate to the situation and uniform. This isn't like the older games.
  • Take your time in missions.