Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 - Turbocharged

  • The worth of vehicles are no longer tied to their rarity. The upgrade system has been revamped and all of them are good enough to run on their own with no further development. When you acquire one, you will have access to skills that can be slotted into your car. Green upgrades are related to car performance. Blue upgrades are to help you with boosting. These two tend to be the opposite of each other (but you can still use the skills within the same column just fine) and it will be up to you to customize your car as you see fit. Orange upgrades are obstacle prevention upgrades, which means that your vehicle will no-sell a set list of things on the track as long as they're equipped.
  • You start with only being able to use the stock-tier skills, but can spend either coins or red upgrade points to unlock the next tier of skills. In order to get a skill, you can either spend coins again or you can use the blue upgrade points.
  • You can only equip six skills at a time for your vehicle. If you have four green ones, you get a boost in the speed stat. Four blue ones increases your maximum speed while boosting at the cost of a bit of your maximum speed when you are not. Again, this is up to you and the needs of your vehicle.
  • Instead of relying on blind boxes, the selection shop from the first game is what is here and the rate at which you gain coins means that it isn't such a pain to buy new vehicles. There is also a spin-to-win thing, but it will more likely pay out coins than new coins.
  • New to this game is the side dash and the jump. For the default cost of half a pip of boost if using Charged style boosting and the equivalent for Free style boosting, you can either have your car jump in the air to go over obstacles and gaps or use your car to knock the competition out of your way. The side dash in particular is good to use if your target is next to a section with no wall and you want to knock them out of bounds. Be advised that the AI and players online will gladly do the same to you if given the chance. Side dashing is disabled in the middle of drifting.
  • Because the jump requires boost and because there are several tracks that rely on it at points, you should be careful with your boost stock so you don't get forced into a respawn situation.
  • There are new types of events introduced. Elimination is last person of the pack after set time intervals is KO'd from the race. Drift Master is you using your drifting skills to get as many points as possible while avoid walls that will reset your score multiplier. Waypoint is you hitting waypoints to gain boost and navigate the levels as quickly as possible through clever uses of your boosting and jumping.
  • Boss stages are much different compared to the first game in that you don't race against others on a specific track. Instead, your job is to hit several targets in quick succession before the boss rage meter fills up. If it does fill up all the way, you have roughly three seconds to hit the next target or else you will lose the stage. Every target hit empties the meter and they go from blue to yellow to red, demanding you to hit them faster before you lose.