Hunt: Showdown

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  • Much like many Battle Royale games Hunt is a stealth game more than anything. The best perks, guns, consumables, and so on aren't going to do anything for you if you get noticed first and shot in the back. That doesn't mean that you need to crouchwalk across the map, but it does mean that you should only shoot your gun when you absolutely have to, and try to avoid deep water (especially with the tentacle swarm demon), wounded horses, chickens, etc.
  • in the reverse, the best way to locate enemies is sound, so get some headphones on. Only hunters trigger the things above so if you hear them close then get your dukes up.
  • Your load out should always contain a health pack and a knife/brass knuckles. They're cheap and extremely useful. Knife does a bit more damage but cannot be used on immolators, which are the burning zeds who explode when pierced with bullets or knives. You have a melee with any gun but it's far more tiring and less damaging.
  • Melee any enemy you can, especially if you have a two handed melee weapon, to save ammo and avoid making noise. The only ones that can't be safely meleed are the one with all the leeches and the dogs. But even then with a 2H weapon you can technically kill anything effectively with a melee weapon, including bosses which are often weak to them.
  • Buy consumables over guns, and use them. A stick of dynamite or a health shot will get you much further than a slightly faster reload speed.
  • Damaged health bars fill up to complete the chunk that you are on, so long chunks are better.
  • Don't be afraid to bug out if things get hot. You get a good chunk of money and XP just for collecting clues, even if you don't kill a boss, so when you're feeling underequipped you can just leave at any time and collect your reward. Don't get cocky and lose everything.
  • Don't underestimate your enemies. Basic zeds can bleed you or set you on fire. Enemy hunters can shoot you dead with a pistol at rifle range if they are patient and lucky.