Icewind Dale II

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  • Paladins are fine characters to have in your party, but if you have one make sure to not have them talk to the NPCs because the self-sacrificing buggers will automatically refuse most monetary quest rewards.
  • The game is extremely stingy with spell scrolls. Don't bring more than one wizard in your party or they'll never get all the spells they need. DO bring as many sorcerers as you like, arcane magic is awesome.
  • Divine magic is also awesome. Clerics of Lathander are pretty great. So are Battleguards of Tempus.
  • In general, power races that have xp penalties are going to end up underlevelled by the end game. Try to avoid having more than one drow, deep gnome, etc in your party, especially if they're caster classes.
  • For your frontline, Weapon Specialization is worth taking 4 levels in Fighter for, but there's not a lot of reason to go farther than that in Fighter. Go Paladin or Barbarian instead.