Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile

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  • Your palace is the first thing you should build, as I recall. It feels really strange because it's a massive white building you build before anything else, this building can support (oversee) a certain number of farmers, so build about 6 farmhouses near the nile, and a bread shop as well as all of the basic (not luxury) shops
  • Noble mansions control more farmers after your initial palace building
  • The game's really "physical", meaning you need a certain amount of raw materials to build anything, food to keep people alive and so on, similar to Banished. This game is basically Banished in ancient Egypt
  • It's all about ratios of things. A certain population needs a certain amount of shops and luxury shops, a certain number of farms needs a certain number of nobles, if you get a lot of nobles you will start to need stuff like dentists and doctors and schools. Everybody needs bread
  • Shops produce the things they sell, you don't need production buildings for luxury goods, there are a few sources of them on the map, so try to place shops near these or just in a central cluster
  • Monuments generate prestige, a resource you can use to open trade routes to get exotic stuff to grow your town with
  • The Nile floods sometimes, which can destroy buildings; build expensive stuff higher up, it doesn't matter if some shacks get wrecked
  • Upgrade the palace for prestige and other crap, I forgot, but it's easy to overlook that you can do this