Jeanne d'Arc

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  • Unlike Final Fantasy Tactics and other SRPGs, you can't move after you attack in this one. Your turn will either go "Move -> Attack" or just "Attack".
  • And the more characters nearby, the stronger your attack will be.
  • Some bosses will actively stall for time to force a game over.
  • ALWAYS save before any free battle you aren't already familiar with. You won't know what's in it until you commit and there are a handful of unwinnable battles if you try them all as soon as they appear.
  • On the other hand, you want to do most of them eventually. Some have badass rewards you won't get elsewhere.
  • The spear attack Sweep can hit multiple times against enemies standing on multiple tiles. Sweep in general is really great.
  • Offensive magic becomes obsolete very quickly. So do most of the buffs and debuffs.
  • Related to the above, when given the choice between the redhead and the magician, pick the redhead. Unless you really want to field a second, weaker caster. It's the only time you'll make such a decision.
  • You might as well use a guide for finding hidden treasure. There's a Treasure Hunter ability, but it appears late in the game and most of the treasure is useless garbage and pocket change. Some of Jeanne's bracelet gems and a handful of great equiment are found this way.
  • Use a guide for skill stone fusion too. Most combinations aren't intuitive at all and you'll just end up reloading your save to try them out otherwise.
  • You don't have to use Godspeed as soon as it's triggered. You can have another unit act to set up the next kill and continue the Godspeed chain. Or even better, splash a burning aura on to your transformed unit so it can be carried to the next target.