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  • There are two kinds of blood, Thin and Thick. Thin is used for healing and abilities and you get some every time you damage/kill an enemy, Thick is experience points and you only get it when you kill an enemy via weakpoint.
  • There is a limit to how much Thick Blood you can get in each stage. The blood machine will jam and close up for the rest of the level when this happens. Speed, Waiver, and Critical are the best things to focus on first.
  • Once unlocked, you perform a Counter Attack by pressing X when a crack appears on the screen as an enemy attacks.
  • Killing a tiny flying Smile will instantly wake up all the Smiths.
  • Kevin is usually the best all-purpose character. He's fast, perfectly accurate from the beginning, doesn't need to reload, draws more Thin Blood than the others, learns the Slow Enemy property fairly early, can turn invisible and peace out of tough fights, and eventually can use Shine Sparkling to just kill a whole room. Plus he's the best dancer.
  • If you reach a seeming dead end and get a weird ascending guitar sound, there's a puzzle there to solve. If nothing else seems obvious, you might need Kaede to remove a barrier or Coyote to jump somewhere.