King's Bounty: The Legend

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  • Prioritize doing the main questline at least until you get the chest of rage. Aside from dramatically increasing your effectiveness, its skills level up the more you use them.
  • The difficulty goes Mage < Fighter < Paladin, from easiest to hardest. However, Mages have the hardest time in the beginning, since you don't have many good spells and you don't have a lot of troops. Usually by the time you get to the Freedom Isles, the mage starts growing exponentially. Beeline for Higher Magic if you play mage.
  • Beeline for Reserves. It is the most important skill no matter what class you are. I usually fill said reserves with melee troops or other troops that have a high tendency to die/are really inconvenient to reinforce.
  • Beeline the story missions until you get your first Spirits of Rage (you can get 2 pretty easily).
  • Doing missions for people usually puts new stuff in their shop, or at least adds reinforcements to their populations. Doing story missions makes troops available in your main castle, sometimes at unlimited population.
  • Don't have kids. They are usually worse than loot, but you can't discard them without divorcing your wife.
  • There are some random patches of ridiculously increased difficulty, like the Magic Range. Quicksave before any endeavor!
  • Experiment with troops. There's a lot of them in the game and they're all pretty unique.
  • You can find/earn new scrolls beyond your limit but you can't buy any until you clear them out. Get rid of scrolls for attack spells since low level attack magic sucks. Keep scrolls for things like buffs and healing.
  • Leadership is the most important stat because it determines how many creatures you can recruit and that's 90% of the game right there. If you level up and leadership is one of the rewards, choose it to the exclusion of everything else.
  • I think right-click lets you see the difficulty of the enemy. I forget the exact words, but never fight anyone very hard to impossible. This game is about troop management.
  • Creatures that summon other creatures are the best in the game because the AI prioritizes summoned creatures regardless of strength. If an enemy could choose between 20 summoned weaklings and 100 priests, they'll attack the summoned creature every time. The second highest priority enemy are ranged units and the AI will go out of its fucking way to destroy them even ignoring melee units in their way.
  • The best, cheapest early game units are the flowers that can summon other flowers, fairies, bears, snakes, and undead. They have devastating special abilities and are cheap and plentiful.
  • Even though you're a warrior, try to get the trap spell as soon as possible because it's the best thing in the game. You can easily lure enemies into a trap and even at its lowest level it will cause the enemy to lose their action for that turn which is essential to winning battles with minimum casualties. For example, the snake units can strike at someone from a tile away and you can place a trap in front of them to really hurt a strong unit. Sacrifice is another good spell and you can target summons or huge, cheap units like peasants and undead to totally wreck powerful monsters.
  • Basically, choose creatures based on their special abilities and avoid creatures with high leadership requirements. The red beholders are great because of their mind control but they're expensive and rare as shit. Dragons are also super powerful but you can probably get 1-3 at a time and they go down when fighting enemies en-masse. Majority of the fun is finding great unit/spell combinations so go wild and experiment.