Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

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  • You can respec pretty much at will once you get a little bit into the game, so don't worry about screwing up your build.
  • If you want any combat difficulty at all, play on hard.
  • Blacksmithing plus sagecrafting will break the game pretty easily, but will put you in generic looking super-armor. A lot of folks recommend avoiding these skills because of those two things (breaking the game, removes the "oh man look at how great this unique sword/whatever looks that I just looted" factor).
  • The faction side quests are generally better than the other side quests.
  • The end of tree magic spells are pretty ridiculous (meteor & tempest), especially if you have plus to elemental damage gear.
  • Certain trainers can only train your skills at certain levels (I think you either need to have a skill of 0-3 for basic trainers, and 4-7 for advanced), and only once. If you find a trainer you can't use, keep a note of it and the next time you respec, make visiting them a priority before you redistribute your skills
  • There are books that raise a skill by one. There are some classes that start with +2 in a skill. Because of this, it is possible that you can start with +2, read a book, use a basic trainer, and then not be able to use the second basic trainer (every skill gets two basic trainers and one advanced). So if you find a book that gives you +1 in the skill that you start with 2 points in, don't read it until you use both trainers.
  • Almost all builds are viable, really. Make sure you level up the mastery skill for a weapon you have an interest in, and the corresponding ability tree for that weapon to get some powerful attacks, and then everything else is up to you. I started with a finesse-only build, for example, but then rebound my fate (or whatever the game calls it), and went with a might/finesse combo instead (bows are awesome)
  • If you decide to put points in the Might tree, do NOT invest in Adrenaline Surge. Instead of healing you for 20% health when you drop below 25% like it says in the description, it is bugged and will damage you for 20% instead.