Kirby and the Forgotten Land

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  • You can continue playing after the credits and there is post game content.
  • You can retry from the start menu in special stages. If you want to restart a normal stage then you have to leave and re-enter.
  • The death penalty is losing 100 Star Coins. This doesn't apply in special stages where you just restart.
  • Mouthful mode has replaced a few of the standard copy abilities. Wheel has become Mouthful Car for instance.
  • Rangers and Hammers attack can be charged up to three times, when fully charged they'll do massive damage to enemies.
  • Experiment with weapons, some have abilities that show up when attack is held down, rapidly tapped, or air attacked. If you follow the story you'll quickly get access to a place where you can practice with all of the abilities.
  • Most bosses have two phases to prevent you from cheesing them with Crash.
  • There are hidden coins and Treasure Roads on the world map, if you hover over it you'll be prompted to press A, they'll be near a landmark that's otherwise unused.
  • Stage's hidden missions will reveal themself one at a time, from top to bottom if you can't figure them out yourself (for example, if you miss the first and second mission then it'll reveal the parameters of the first at stage completion, but the second won't be revealed until you complete the first mission).
  • Present Codes are case sensitive.
  • Moving while blocking does a dodge roll in that direction. Doing this right before an attack hits you actually gives you a slo-mo effect.
  • Certain weapons have special counterattacks which trigger if you attack after a dodge, when the slo-mo is triggered.