Legend of Legaia

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  • This game was made to sell the strategy guide. There are plenty of random/powerful items in strange places even where there shouldn't be anything. Look up a guide.
  • (optional) Use all the stat boosting items on Vahn. He has the toughest fights in the game and some of them are meant to be extremely hard to win.
  • You can stack Elixir buffs on characters. Save those for big name bosses.
  • Equipment works differently for this game. Weapons only slightly improve the attack bars damage and arts that use it. Never use a weapon not made for the character.
  • Spirit makes you much harder to kill and lets you make more attacks/AP. Battles go much faster if you use simple attacks or cheap arts without having to Spirit to regain AP.
  • Equipment is too expensive for what you get from encounters. You will always be very short on money all the time, so don't expect to fully upgrade until after the next dungeon.
  • Golden Compass completely ruins the balance of the game. It prevents all ambushes outside of the optional boss fights and turns most encounters into a free round. Skip this if you want a challenge.
  • You will find a lot of weapon upgrades outside of towns, so I would buy weapons last or not at all, to save money. Stick to using your Ra-Seru arm instead.
  • Vahn/Noa/Gala has strengths/weaknesses in using certain spells. Vahn masters fire and is useless with water. Noa masters wind and is useless with earth. Gala is great with all spells except dark.
  • Spells can be moved around after learning them. It isn't explained.
  • Spells work on a weird point chart where killing the target outright grants the most points. SINGLE target should always kill the enemy while an ALL target should kill three or more targets at once to get full points on it. This means killing weak enemies will always level your spells faster than a strong one surviving. Find a balance.
  • Consider grinding your Seru spells to gain character levels instead of using regular attacks. Single target or All target is worth your time over the weird group one.
  • The Ra-Seru eggs you get and make into talismans lets you auto-win a battle for 200MP. It isn't worth the massive cost and spending anything to get them isn't worth the effort. They also level depending on the character using it. Some characters will not do full damage based on the element and waste your time.
  • You don't need them anyway since you can get the strongest one after beating Van Saryu and freeing the kingdom. You can glitch it by pixel hunting until your shadow is over the carpet in front of the guard and walking straight through him and forcing a conversation by walking behind him. If you can't walk through him, move your shadow another pixel over and try again. When he stops you from entering the double doors when you move up, you did the hard part. The next part is to constantly tap up between him talking to you since you are trying to get your animation to walk/run at the same time until the doors open by themselves. Walk to the treasure chest for Juggernaut. This is legit available at level 99. It also greatly reduces encounters.
  • Healing spells work based on how much you heal below maximum health. It takes several topping off heals to equal one that doesn't fully heal.
  • Consider taking off your equipment and wearing HP items, then use Vera/Orb/Spoon when your characters are weak. Select one fighting bar for each enemy instead of using Spirit, to get the most chances to heal. If an enemy can poison, then all the better.
  • The Muscle Dome has this glitch where you don't get the reward on Master if you didn't beat Jette in the Absolute Fortress, as it cuts the round short. It says you got the item, but it won't be in your inventory.
  • You may come across a freeze bug when walking through a mirror in Conkram and there are various guides to fixing it, depending on the system.

The Conkram freeze glitch

  • I used the Duckstation and ePSXe for this:
  • Copy your Duckstation game save file onto the ePSXe memcard folder.
  • Change your memory card setting to that save file.
  • Open the game on ePSXe and load that save.
  • Use an Incense and walk to the mirror room.
  • Keep mashing the button to skip all text and enter the past. (it may crash if you don't)
  • Go to the Inn and save.
  • Copy your memory card file to your Duckstation save folder and load the game save.
  • Make your save state as a precaution.