Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

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  • If you want to focus on upgrades, the core upgrade tree (the top non-hero-specific one) is generally the most impactful, and it's worth saving up for the "cheats" that multiply the value of studs early on. The latter are multiplicative so getting the first two (2x stud value and 4x stud value) gives you 8x stud value, the third one is 6x stud value giving you 48x, and it goes from there.
  • Don't stress about clearing the map of collectibles etc on your first run through the game. Many of them (including the ones in story missions) can only be reached via free play after you've unlocked all the character types.
  • Scavengers get their full set of gear fairly early into Ep 7, so you can dip in to get those and then hop back to whatever Ep you want to start with.