Library of Ruina

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  • The game doesn’t start to give you really cohesive deckbuilding options until the Urban Legend tier. Not coincidentally this is also where the game starts to step up its encounter design.
  • There’s no need to fully equip every floor you have access to. Move key pages and decks around as necessary for Abnormality suppressions and difficult guests.
  • The first Abnormality Suppression for the Floor of Natural Sciences is unlocked a little early. It’s possible to do it when it unlocks but it’s not required until the next tier and will eat up a lot of time and attempts if you do it right away.
  • If you’re about to lose a reception, you can get your books back by force-quitting the game with Alt+F4.
  • You will always obtain at least one copy of any books required to progress the story from any reception other than a general reception.
  • On that note, general receptions are accessible by throwing combinations of books together that don’t cause a red/plot invitation. They’re good and useful, and some of them have sets of cards you can’t get anywhere else. The game will tell you when general receptions become available.
  • Abnormality Suppressions cost nothing to attempt. Feel free to go in blind, get a feel for how the Abnormality fights and adjust your strategy after taking a loss.
  • Red abnormality pages are not bad, and in fact many of them are worth the downsides.
  • On that note, since many abnormality pages only affect one of your librarians, there’s little use in building everyone on a floor to get benefits from one in particular.