• There's no cost to assembling/disassembling weapons, so feel free to experiment.
  • Handles determine the move set and stat scaling while the blades affect damage, reach, swing speed, and guard regain.
  • The game doesn't explain that your blade choice also affects how much damage you do to enemy weapons (via perfect blocking). Larger blades will break enemy weapons considerably faster than smaller blades.
  • It's possible to mismatch the blade and handle, which incurs a damage dealt penalty. In general, slashy blades go on slashy handles and stabby blades go with stabby handles. You can see this indicated in the menu when you are assembling.
  • Blades also determine how much damage reduction you get from just blocking, with bigger slower blades having higher damage reduction.
  • You will eventually unlock the ability to re-spec your stats, P-Organs, and legion arms (though it unlocks after the halfway point).
  • You will eventually get the ability to buy an unlimited amount of normal weapon upgrade materials for all but the last level of normal weapon upgrades so feel free to spread them around a few weapons you are interested in.
  • Special boss ergo should be saved and not used. A vendor you meet later will trade you either a boss weapon or amulet for them.
  • Boss weapons will have the final two tiers out of five gated by a resource you cannot buy an unlimited amount of so be a little more choosey with those.
  • Within the P-Organ skill tree there are two upgrades to dodging that give you a second dodge to chain from the first and the ability to dodge when knocked to the ground. Combined they make your dodge much better, some enemies have on-the-ground attacks that will hit a grounded player 100% if they don't have the latter.
  • Throwable consumables are extremely powerful and worthwhile to use on bosses/miniboss enemies. They can also be bought and eventually you will find a vendor with unlimited supply of most of them.
  • You can lock yourself out of the final part of a sidequest if you choose the boss amulet over the boss weapon. This is not told anywhere in advance. Specifically you want to make sure you get the
    Frozen Feast weapon
  • Fat rolling is at 80%+ weight. Slightly heavy and normal weight is generally the medium roll of this game, with normal weight having a bonus to stamina regen although it's not essential. Don't be afraid of being at slightly heavy. The light roll is 30% weight which basicly requires extremely on-point dodging and perfect parrying due to lack of damage mitigation from items.
  • Unlike many other Souls-likes, the item that teleports you to the last Stargazer does not cause you to drop your "souls".