Lost Judgment

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  • The new style, Snake, is very good for being defensive. The parry functions pretty much exactly like Tanimura's of Yakuza 4, even including being able to parry people into walls (although this being the Dragon Engine, they will ragdoll and most you might get to do is an EX Action). The original two styles, Crane and Tiger, have also been rebalanced in new ways and you're expected to use all three styles to get through the game.
  • There is now a system similar to Yakuza 0's where doing as many different actions as possible will get you more bonus SP on top of the base SP you get for finishing a fight.
  • If you intend on using cheat items in order to clear the gambling tasks for TownGO, it would be wise to wait until at least the latter half of the game so that you get more SP from fights and therefore get an easier time of buying them in the first place.
  • Keep in mind that certain things are only available at certain times of day, such as the school's shop and cafeteria not being open during nighttime. This doesn't come up all that often, but it's still something to be aware of.
  • There is no more Mortal Damage like there was in Judgment, but getting hit by a Mortal attack will still hurt a lot and may leave you open for a follow-up, so try not to let that happen anyway.
  • In the case of school story triggers, sometimes they are gated by progress in the main plot or other school stories, sometimes by stats. The School Diary app will inform you of what you need.
  • Lots of side cases are hidden behind things like girlfriends and collectables in this one if you ever wonder why so many are ??? forever
  • For an easy Robotics Club time check the parts list against practise battle rewards and farm accordingly
  • Speaking of robotics club, the quickest way to win is to beeline for the enemy base; if you can plant a blue block that has at least one square within the enemy's base, you win immediately, it's much faster than trying to actually do the territory control game.