Lost Planet

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  • The hook-shot is your best friend. Repelling is - and will always be - awesome.
  • You will constantly lose Thermal Energy (or T-ENG) due to living on an ice cube of a planet. This remains constant throughout the game and includes indoor areas and enclosed spaces that look like they should have enough heat to melt your face off.
  • T-ENG will automatically regenerate your health bar. However even with max T-ENG, you can die if you take too much damage at once.
  • Take solace in the lack of fall damage, but be careful when platforming around bottomless pits and lava.
  • The hook-shot has a limited range, but it can pick up energy and can latch on to every surface. At some point you will accidentally walk off a ledge and the hook-shot will (automatically) save you from climbing up the long way.
  • The game is full of mechs you can use (called Vital Suits or VSs). They are all fairly slow and require T-ENG to function, but you will want to learn what each one can do. Some only have one weapon slot, some have two. Some may transform into other vehicles, others may have jump jets/thrusters to help you maneuver.
  • Energy weapons feed directly off of your T-ENG. While extremely powerful, attaching them to your VS will require you to be swift and vigilant in your search for more T-ENG.
  • This will come to no surprise after reading the first few points, but you will want to collect as much T-ENG as possible. It is dropped by everything you can kill or destroy (dataposts, explosive barrels, humans, VSs, silos, akrid, etc), but know that some more efficient to pick up than others. Jusy keep an eye out for pockets of it, the less guarded it is the better off you are.
  • Dataposts are a good source of energy, but can be skipped if they're not a mission critical goal or if you have a lot of T-ENG already.
  • Unless you see a large health bar on screen (indicating you've entered a boss fight), you can keep on running past everything. This makes much of the game trivial, but also helps if you want to bring certain VS into the boss battle.
  • Most akrid (the aliens) have yellow spots that indicate weak points. As these spots take damage, they will become brighter and finally break, either killing or wounding the akrid.
  • This is especially important in boss fights, where you will need to destroy limbs to access other more vulnerable weak points. Their limbs regenerate much faster, so you may only have a limited time damage them.
  • Boss fights will be your biggest obstacle both literally and figuratively. You will likely die numerous times before you find a pattern that keeps you alive long enough to kill it.
  • In at least one boss fight, you will need to sever multiple limbs in order to access a weak spot that takes damage. A good plan of attack is to damage two weak points until they're both a bright orange colour. That can insure they will break around the same time.
  • Transitions into boss fights can be sudden and leave you trapped in a pit. While most boss fights have weapons and equipment, you will always want to be amply prepared because switching out equipment can be cumbersome.
  • Boss fights, save the big guns like rockets and grenade launchers until later in the fight as the bosses will tend to attack more frequently and take less breaks. This may back fire as in the case of a certain flying boss that becomes increasingly agile. So alternatively, you may want to bring energy weapons (all the more reason to salvage T-ENG while running past everything else).