Lost Planet 2

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  • Never ever play offline. The game is near impossible and extremely unfun in single player.
  • The hook-shot is your best friend. Repelling is - and will always be - awesome.
  • This game was built from the ground up as a multi-player/co-op game. So finding someone else to play with is recommended.
  • It's highly recommended to play the original game first, even though they have their differences. This is both because you should get used to the play mechanics and because the second is a lot tougher (especially single player, even with your team of 3 AIs running around). Think of the first as an extended tutorial, as it is fairly short if you simply run through it.
  • Do not expect to unlock everything in the game. The items/outfits/taunts are doled out randomly and often repeat themselves. The more you have, the less likely you will find something new.
  • You will constantly lose Thermal Energy (or T-ENG) in arctic/stormy areas ONLY. The environment is far more varied in this game, and you will need that T-ENG to survive the other perils in the game.
  • T-ENG will automatically regenerate your health bar, however only at a very slow rate this time around. You must push and hold the START button to quickly regenerate health. This also means finding cover before doing so.
  • There's still no fall damage, but be careful when platforming around pits, lava and deep water.
  • The hook-shot has a larger range than in the first game and can now pick up weapons and equipment in addition to energy. You will also need to abuse it in order to complete some of the tutorials.
  • The game is full of mechs you can use (called Vitals Suits or VSs). As in the first game, they are all fairly slow and require T-ENG to function. They are even more specialized in this game and each has a distinct function. There's a even a trophy/achievement for finding the special function of two specific mechs.
  • Energy weapons feed directly off of your T-ENG, and are still the best in the game (with the possible exception of a certain melee weapon).
  • You will want to collect as much T-ENG as possible. It is dropped by everything you can kill or destroy (explosive barrels, humans, VSs, silos, akrid, etc), but know that most of it will come from the game's enemies and dataposts.
  • While you can still run past enemies, you will encounter many doors/gates/barriers that prevent you from running to the end of the level. Running ahead is also a good way to get killed in this game.
  • With the above said, plan your attacks to clear out required areas. Use choke points to thin numbers, and use your grenades wisely.
  • Boss fights will be your biggest obstacle both literally and figuratively. The fewer (human) players alongside, the longer the fight will be. You will likely die numerous times before you find a pattern that keeps you alive long enough to kill it.