Lunatic Dawn II

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  • Stat caps are much more generous than Lunatic Dawn 1 and will usually be pretty high regardless of your starting values. There are also items you can find that will permanently raise stats regardless of your caps but they're rare and only found in high level dungeons. However you can buy certain very expensive trade goods that when consumed permanently raise stats: Hashish (Will), Matsutake (Will), Chinese Herbal Medicine (Intellect), Opium (Instinct), Mandragora (Instinct) and Royal Jelly (Body).
  • The maximum value for each skill usually scales off of multiple stats, though the balance is not evenly divided, e.g. Dodge scales 2/3 off of Instinct and 1/3 off of Agility.
  • Stats can be trained anywhere, but you might have to go to a different town or even country in order to train a given skill.
  • There are only three towns in the game you can resurrect companions: Hensmort in the Holy Giza Empire, Shibara in Nichiwa, and Pearlrouge in Ficksion. If you die and your companions like you enough, they'll bring you to Hensmort to get raised, no matter where in the world you were when you die.
  • You can adjust the number of hours spent traveling vs. resting to speed up movement on the world map. Note that this can literally kill your party from exhaustion if you go overboard. High Camping skill increases efficiency of resting, letting you travel longer without a break.
  • A good way to make money, especially early on, is to look for retrieval missions in inns. Rather than take the mission, though, decline it, travel to the dungeon listed in the mission description, find the quest item, and sell it yourself. The sell value for quest items is usually 3-4 times the reward for turning it in.
  • Enchant your weapons if they don't have elemental damage already, as it will let you damage enemies immune to normal weapons. Light is a good choice since undead tend to both be weak to it and immune to normal weapons.
  • Your party members are very greedy and will try to claim items you find that are totally useless to them. Try to fill up their inventories with garbage usable items, as they won't join the competition for items you find if their inventories are full.
  • The AI for party members and monsters alike is dumb as hell. Mages with Basic or Elemental magic have no compunction about nuking their allies with AoE spells, and ranged attackers will happily shoot their allies in the back with arrows or thrown weapons. Plan accordingly when hiring allies.
  • Party members are flagged as "attack" or "defense" for combat purposes. Attackers will always use weapons and never cast spells unless you explicitly command them. (and then only healing spells) Defenders will only defend and/or cast spells, and never attack unless you explicitly command them to.
  • Each skill except for Camping and Thievery has a master that lives in an otherwise empty dungeon somewhere. If your corresponding skill is high enough, you can train with them to learn "ultimate" skill(s)/spell(s). Which master lives in which dungeon changes from game to game, but the dungeons that house masters remain the same between games.
  • When determining what magic to learn, good breakpoints for training are 68 for Physical (gets you Treasure Search), 65 for Basic (gets you Random Ball), 51 for Holy (gets you Turn Undead), and 42 for Dark (gets you Magic Link). Elemental is less necessary, but the Ultimate spells for that school (available in Ficksion) will trivialize the game.
  • The requirements for getting married/having children are extremely obscure. You must A) have a human opposite-sex party member close in age to your main character B) They have to like you a lot (went on many quests with you) C) You have to own a home in a town and have a reasonable amount of money D) your potential partner has to be the ONLY other member of your party. If you meet all these requirements, when you rest at your house you're given the option to propose to them. If you accept, then you can retire for a year at your house and potentially have a baby. Your children can join your party once they reach age 16.
  • As far as I can tell there's no ending. You just retire (or die) at some point and get a chronology of your character's life. No passing the torch on to your kids in this one either. The main "goal" of the game (if there is one) is to kill the 4 demons that show up, one in each country, before they summon their boss. Or kill that boss, I guess.