Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope

  • You can freely move as many times as you want and after any action, except for firing your weapon normally (ie. left trigger). Try to make it one of the last things you do on a given turn since you may end up realizing you're able to sneak in another dash attack or shuffle your characters for group buffs or use them for team jumps.
  • Using a pipe, jumping off a ledge or using a spring pad essentially resets your movement and gives a small radius you can move around in afterward. Some maps intentionally chain these things to cover long distances.
  • The game introduces new playable characters by throwing them into boss fights with you. You can still back out to the character menu at the start of the fight and use their skill points before the fight starts.
  • Knocking an enemy into the air via dash attacks counts to activate abilities that trigger on enemy movement, even if the character themselves is the one doing the dash attack. This is mainly notable for Edge's stormblade ability, which would be really tough to make full use of otherwise.
  • Holding B lets you skip some dialog and cutscenes, including the short ones that play every time a character uses their signature ability. The options menu has a surprising amount of small QoL stuff too, letting you turn those cutscenes off entirely, auto apply skill points and change things from hold/multitap inputs into toggles.