Marvel's Midnight Suns

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  • Every once in a while (I'm about 1 month in and it's happened twice), you'll wake up to the church bells ringing. Make sure to check the chapel when that happens. it's not missable, but it's rare enough that if you don't realize you should be going back there it could be real annoying.
  • Opened chests will refresh and let you open them again, usually 1 or 2 a day. Chests you can open are highlighted on the map so you never need to go manually look for them.
  • Eventually you start having to do non-story missions, either because the story mission requires at least one general mission before you can try it, or the story mission requires someone who's injured or otherwise unavailiable. That said, there's no penalty for doing a non-story mission so if you see one that gives you a good reward go for it.
  • The only way to raise your research levels is by studying artifacts. As far as I can tell, it's one level/artifact. I don't know if the game didn't tell me, or if I didn't notice, but I spent a while not realizing that nothing you do there actually gives you research exp. Make sure to get enough research levels to let you get up to the next unlockable suit.
  • Don't worry about gloss. Eventually you've got more gloss than you know what to do with.
  • If you need to unlock a new suit in order to go on a mission, you should probably equip the passive that comes with the suit before doing the mission. You don't need it, but the mission will have some mechanic that's easier to deal with if you do.
  • If there's a hero that you've been writing off for a while, take them out for a spin and grab a few of their higher tier cards! Every hero CAN be overwhelmingly powerful. I thought Magik was neat but kind of technical, and now she's my single most potent source of single target damage on a longer mission.
  • The character DLC is worth picking up if you like the game. So far they each add a few extra story missions building on a separate (but connected) plot from the main game, and the characters are mechanically unique. You do also get to take them on hangouts so if you ever wanted to chill with Eddie Brock in a pool this is your shot.
  • You can only take each character to a haven once. Wait to do so until you have a good gift for that character.
  • You will get a character that does not have a friendship meter. Trying to improve your relationship with them is useless; to earn their legendary card, you will have to complete a research project (and win the challenge mission).
  • Slamming stuff into other stuff is incredibly useful, and if you can chain slam stuff around like you're playing pool, you can do some massive amounts of damage with 1 action.